Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ptolemy's Gate

It took me three days to read this book, which is a long time for me. This is the third book in a trilogy, and probably the best of the bunch. I love the tone of the djinn, and the footnotes are hysterical. Absolutely cracked me up, and I normally hate footnotes. The ending was spectacular and heart wrenching. I read the last two pages several times, just waiting for something different to present itself. It's wide open for a sequel, although I don't think there will be one. Always leave them wanting more is not a bad philosophy.

Started Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight. While this was my best friend's favorite author in middle school, it appealed to me not at all, and I was dreading the long shelf of huge tomes. To my surprise, it was pretty good. I would say very good, but there are many times where I read something and would think "What did I just miss here?" This is a series that is listed in several different orders, so maybe I did miss something. At any rate, the next few weeks will not be as painful as I thought. Only dilemma-- my rebound paperback is falling apart. Is it even possible to get a replacement copy of this 1969 book?

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