List Updated 1/22/21

Anderson, John David. Insert Coin to Continue (2016)
Burt, Jake. The Right Hook of Devin Velma (2018)
Cartaya, Pablo. The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora (2017)
Coster, Arianne. My Life as a Potato (2020), Confessions of a Class Clown (forthcoming)
Falatko, Julie. Two Dogs in a Trenchcoat go to School (2018)
Giles, Lamar. The Last Last-Day-of-Summer (2019)
Greenwald, Tommy. Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading (2011) Series
Hansen, Dustin. My Video Game Ate My Homework (2020)
Harrell, Rob. Wink (2020)
Johnson, Varian. The Great Green Heist (2014)
Korman, Gordon. Notorious (2020) and anything else!
Lerner, Jarrett. Enginerds (2017)
Markell, Denis. The Game Masters of Garden Place (2018)
Mitchell, Tom. How to Rob a Bank (2019)
O'Donnell, Tom. Homerooms and Hall Passes (2018)
Pancholy, Maulik. The Best At It (2019)
Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate: In a Class by Himself (2010) Series
Pichon, Liz. Tom Gates (2014) Series
Richards, Dan. Stu Truly (2018) Two Books
Rylander, Chris. The Fourth Stall (2011), Code Name Zero
Sonnenblick, Jordan. Curveball (2012) upcoming The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell
Tashjian, Janet. My Life as a Book (2010), My Life as a Tik Tok Star (upcoming)
Tatulli, Mark. Short and Skinny (2018)
Vance, Alexander. The Heartbreak Messenger (2013)
Van Eekhout, Greg. Voyage of the Dogs (2018)
Watson, Tom. Stick Dog (2012) Series

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Humorous Books
Allen, Crystal. How Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-sized Trophy.
When thirteen-year-old, bowling-obsessed Lamar Washington finds out that his idol is coming to town, he finds himself involved in some unsavory activities as he tries to change his image to impress people. 

Anderson, Matthew. Burger Wuss. (1999)
Hoping to lose his loser image, Anthony plans revenge on a bully which results in a war between two competing fast food restaurants, Burger Queen and O'Dermott's.
Angleberger, Tom. The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda.(200(9)
Sixth-grader Tommy and his friends describe their interactions with a paper finger puppet of Yoda, worn by their weird classmate Dwight, as they try to figure out whether or not the puppet can really predict the future. Includes instructions for making Origami Yoda. 

Atinksy, Steve. Tyler on Prime Time. (2002)
While visiting his uncle, a writer on the most popular show on television, twelve-year-old Tyler auditions for a part on the show.

Beaudoin, Sean. Going Nowhere Faster. (2007)
Although his past accomplishments have convinced everyone else he is headed for college and greatness, seventeen-year-old Stan just wants to work at Happy Video, live in his parents' basement, write a movie script--and convince someone there really is a madman after him.

Behrens, Andy. The Fast and the Furriest. (2010)
The overweight and unathletic son of a famous former football star discovers that his equally fat and lazy dog is unexpectedly--and obsessively--interested in competing in dog agility contests.

Behrens, Andy. The Beauty and the Bully (2008)
Fast and the Furriest overweight and unathletic son of a famous former football star discovers that his equally fat and lazy dog is unexpectedly--and obsessively--interested in competing in dog agility contests.

Bradley, Alex. 24 Girls in 7 Days. (2005)

Byars, Betsy. The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown (Series)
A boy is puzzled by the comic and confusing questions of youth and worried by disturbing insights into adult conflicts. An older title, but still very popular.

Cannon, A.E. The Loser's Guide to Life and Love. (2008)
Over the summer, Salt Lake City high school student Ed McIff works at a video store, wearing a shirt with the name Sergio on it, and when a beautiful girl comes in one day, he decides to take on a new, more suave identity, resulting in a series of misunderstandings and star-crossed encounters. 

Corriveau, Art. How I, Nicky Flynn, Finally Get a Life (and a Dog) (2009)
Moving to inner-city Boston after his parents' divorce, eleven-year-old Nicky struggles to cope with the changes in his life, including acquiring a former guide dog that leads to a mystery for Nicky to solve. 

Dowell, Frances O' Roark. Phineas MacGuire (series)
Fink, Mark. Stepping Up. (2009)
At a competetive basketball camp, fourteen-year-old Ernie Dolan finds his just average performance separating him from his best friend Mike Rivers and the rest of the campers until a near tragedy turns Ernie from outcast to hero.

Fink, Mark. The Summer I Got a Life. (2009)
Andy Crenshaw and his older brother, Ben, are forced to spend two weeks at their aunt and uncle's Wisconsin farm and as a result of their experience become closer, while Andy dates Laura, a local musical star who is disabled.

Fitzgerald, John D.The Great Brain (Series) (1969)
Ten-year-old Tom D. Fitzgerald is known to everyone as The Great Brain. Such people as Mr. Standish, the mean schoolmaster, regret the day they came up against The Great Brain. But others, like the Jensen kids lost in Skeleton Cave, Basil, the Greek kid, or Andy, who has lost his leg and his friends, know that Tom's great brain never fails to find a way home.

Fleischman, Pau. A Fate Totally Worse than Death (1995)
A horror spoof set in Cliffside High, a school run by the Huns - a ruthless clique of rich students - and, as poor Charity Chase discovered, messing with them can be murder.

Gantos, Jack. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key (Series)
To the disappointment of his mother and his teachers, Joey has trouble paying attention or controlling his mood swings when his prescription meds wear off and he starts getting worked up and acting wired.

Gauthier, Gail. Happy Kid!
After his mother bribes him into reading a self-help book on how to form satisfying relationships and enjoy a happy life, cynical eighth-grader Kyle finds there may be more to the book than he realized.

Gauthier, Gail. Saving the Planet and Stuff.
After losing his summer job with his uncle, sixteen-year-old Michael agrees to go to work for an environmentalist magazine in Vermont run by friends of his grandparents

Gilson, Jamie
Soccer Circus—At a motel during a soccer tournament, the boys get caught in the fun of solving a mystery buff's fictitious case.

Gorman, Carol. Dork in Disguise (Series) Starting middle school in a new town, brainy Jerry Flack changes his image from "dork" to "cool kid," only to discover that he'd rather be himself.

Hartinger, Brent. Project Sweet Life. (2009)
When their fathers insist that they get summer jobs, three fifteen-year-old friends in Tacoma, Washington, dedicate their summer vacation to fooling their parents into thinking that they are working, which proves to be even harder than having real jobs would have been.

Korman, Gordon. Born to Rock 
Korman, Gordon. The Chicken Doesn't Skate 
Korman, Gordon. Schooled
Korman, Gordon. Son of the Mob.
Korman, Gordon. Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle.
Korman, Gordon. Swindle

Kowitt, Holly. The Loser List.
When Danny gets caught trying to cross his name off the "Geek" list in the girls' bathroom, he's sent to detention. Bullies torment him mercilessly -- until they discover that Danny can draw. He enjoys his new "bad boy" status, supplying tattoos and graffiti, until he's unknowingly drawn into a theft. Turns out the bullies took a comic book from Danny's favorite store. Can he steal it back before they get caught -- and break off with the bullies before he gets in too deep? 

Krieg, Jim. Griff Carver: Hallway Patrol.
Legendary Griff Carver joins the Rampart Middle School Hallway Patrol and with the help of his new friends, Griff solves the case of counterfeit hall passes. 

Lawrence, Michael. The Killer Underpants (Series)
Jiggy has a devil of a time with a new pair of underwear that refuses to be removed and which, when they start rippling and itching, cause strange things to happen.

Lieb, Josh. I Am A Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want To Be Your Class President.
Twelve-year-old evil genius, Oliver, uses his great brain to become the third richest person in the world, and finds that overthrowing foreign dictators is easier than getting the kids in his middle school to vote him class president 

Levitin, Sonia. The Mark of Conte (1976)
When the computer at his new school thinks that he's two people, Conte decides to take a double course load and graduate in half the time. From 1976, but still one of my favorites!

Lubar, David. Sleeping Freshman Never Lie. (2005)
While navigating his first year of high school and awaiting the birth of his new baby brother, Scott loses old friends and gains some unlikely new ones as he hones his skills as a writer.

Lynch, Chris. Cyberia. (2008)
In a future where electronic surveillance has replaced love, a veterinarian is putting computer chips in animals and these creatures choose Zane, who understands their speech, to release them and bring them to a technology-free safety zone. Sequel: Monkey See, Monkey Don't.

Lynch, Chris. Slot Machine (series)

Manes, Stephen. Obnoxious Jerks. (1988)
High school sophomore Frank Wess relates his experiences as a member of the Obnoxious Jerks, an elite body dedicated to exposing both official and unofficial stupidity. 

McCloskey, Robert. Homer Price
Six episodes in the life of Homer including when he and his pet skunk capture four bandits and another about a doughnut machine on a rampage.

Paulsen, Gary. Liar, Liar (2011)
Paulsen, Gary. Flat Broke (2011)
Masters of Disaster (2010)
Lawn Boy (2007)

Pearsall, Shelley. All Shook Up. (2008)
When thirteen-year-old Josh goes to stay with his father in Chicago for a few months, he discovers--to his horror--that his dad has become an Elvis impersonator. 
Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate in a Class by Himself.
Supremely confident middle school student Nate Wright manages to make getting detention from every one of his teachers in the same day seem like an achievement.
Petrucha, Stefan. Teen, Inc.

Robertson, Keith. Henry Reed, Inc. (Series)
Henry, who has an interest in nature and a talent for making things happen, establishes the firm of Henry Reed, Inc., Research, and with neighbor Midge as an ally, engages in a series of projects usually profitable to them, but often hazardous to the adults involved.

Rylander, Chris. The Fourth Stall. (2011)
Sixth-graders Mac and Vince operate a business charging schoolmates for protection from bullies and for help to negotiate conflicts peacefully, with amazing challenges and results. 
Sanderson, Brandon. Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians. (2007)
On his thirteenth birthday, foster child Alcatraz Smedry receives a bag of sand which is immediately stolen by the evil Librarians who are trying to take over the world, and Alcatraz is introduced to his grandfather and his own special talent, and told that he must use it to save civilization.

Scieszka, Jon. Knucklehead.
Describes growing up in his own home by Jon Sciestka based on experiences with his brother, a teaching nun, and using his father's ties to deal with sibling rivalry. Sums up interesting times in a Catholic school from first grade through ninth. 

Scieszka, Jon. Knights of the Kitchen Table (Series)—One minute they're looking at pictures of knights in the book, a birthday gift from Joe's magician uncle, the next minute they're battling fire-breathing dragons. Will Joe, Fred, and Sam escape death?

Scieszka, Jon, editor. Funny Business.
A collection of humorous stories featuring a teenaged mummy, a homicidal turkey, and the world's largest pool of chocolate milk. 

Scott, Keiran. Jingle Boy.

Selzer, Adam. How to Get Suspended and Influence People.(2006)
Gifted eighth-grader Leon Harris becomes an instant celebrity when the film he makes for a class project sends him to in-school suspension.
Shaw, Tucker. Flavor of the Week.
Cyril, an overweight boy who is good friends with Rose but wishes he could be more, helps his best friend Nick woo her with culinary masterpieces which Cyril himself secretly creates. Includes recipes from the story.

Silberberg, Alan. Milo, Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze.
In love with the girl he sneezed on the first day of school and best pals with Marshall, the "One Eyed Jack" of friends, seventh-grader Milo Cruikshank misses his mother whose death has changed everything at home.

Sonnenblick, Jordan. Zen and the Art of Faking It.
Sonnenblick, Jordan. Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie.
Sonnenblick, Jordan. Notes from the Midnight Driver.

Soto, Gary. Mercy on These Teenage ChimpsAt age thirteen, best friends Ronnie and Joey suddenly feel like chimps--long armed, big eared, and gangly--and when the coach humiliates Joey in front of a girl, he climbs up a tree and refuses to come down.

Strasser, Todd. Help! I’m Trapped in Obedience School! (Series)
A boy accidentally changes his best friend into the family dog.

Tashjian, Janet. My Life As A Book.
Dubbed a "reluctant reader" by his teacher, twelve-year-old Derek spends summer vacation learning important lessons even though he does not complete his summer reading list.

Tashjian, Janet. The Gospel According to Larry.
Seventeen-year-old Josh, a loner-philosopher who wants to make a difference in the world, tries to maintain his secret identity as the author of a web site that is receiving national attention.

Weeks, Sarah. Regular Guy (Series)
Because he is so different from his eccentric parents, twelve-year-old Guy is convinced he has been switched at birth with a classmate whose parents seem more normal.

Yee, Lisa. Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time (2005)
After flunking sixth-grade English, basketball prodigy Stanford Wong must struggle to pass his summer-school class, keep his failure a secret from his friends, and satisy his academically demanding father. 

Yee, Lisa. Warp Speed. (2011)
Marley Sandelski has always felt invisible at school when he is not facing bullies, but a series of unexpected events gives him a taste of popularity and insight into a few well-liked and greatly-feared classmates. 

Walden, Mark. H.I.V.E.

Winkler, Henry. Niagra Falls, or Doesn't It? (Hank Zipzer series) (2003)
Fourth-graders Hank, Ashley, and Frankie are excitedly preparing for a magic show at the Rock 'N Bowl when Hank's creative alternative to an English essay lands him in detention and grounded the week of the show.

Yoo, David. The Detention Club. (2010)
Sixth-grader Peter Lee, in a desperate attempt to regain the popularity he had in elementary school, discovers that serving detention can win him important friends, much to the dismay of his over-achieving eighth-grade sister, Sunny. 

Zadoff, Allen. Food, Girls and Other Things I Can't Have. (2009)
Fifteen-year-old Andrew Zansky, the second fattest student at his high school, joins the varsity football team to get the attention of a new girl on whom he has a crush.

Zadoff, Allen. My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies.
While working backstage on a high school production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," sixteen-year-old Adam develops feelings for a beautiful actress--which violates an unwritten code--and begins to overcome the grief that has controlled him since his father's death nearly two years earlier.