Friday, April 21, 2023

The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel , Johnson, Melissa Lee (Illustrator)
Little People, Big Dreams: Queen Elizabeth 
September 27th 2022 by Frances Lincoln Children's Books
E ARC provided by Edelweiss Plus

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth. I'm sorry for myself that you didn't live to see 96, but happy that you are resting in peace. 

When the Queen met with Liz Truss, I was so impressed. She looked great, and was still working, and I told everyone at school how much I admired her. When the news came that she wasn't well, my first thought was "I killed her!" I have that kind of power over the universe. I also knew that if Elizabeth missed a meeting, there was not hope of recovery. And there wasn't. 

Oh, the book? The book is a great overview for the very young, introducing them to the Queen and telling a bit about what it means to be a monarch. There's not a lot of detail (It skips right from George being king with a brief mention of Edward giving up the throne without any explanation of who Edward is. This is, after all, for four year olds.), but we do find out about the basics of her life. There's a nice time line at the back of the book, with some actual photographs. The illustrations are quite nice, if not very representative of the actual people portrayed, although the noses bothered me. There's no detail about her children or grandchildren, which makes sense. 

I somehow need to buy this for myself. Seeing the imperial state crown on the tiny Elizabeth just makes me want to cry. Excuse me, now, while I spend an hour searching up her various outfits, statements with jewelry, and her absolute sense of duty.  

Ms. Yingling

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