Tuesday, November 22, 2022

All the Social Media

Social Media has taken up a disproportionate amount of real estate in my brain. Here's a break down of where I am, what I'm called, the content I put on various sites, and how frequently I post. 

Keep in mind that most of my dealings on any platform are done on a desktop, and that while I get a lot of free books for my school through social media, we are not allowed to post during school hours, so I try to be done by 7 a.m. I don't use my phone much for anything but calling and texting, but do use it to get pictures to sites. 

Blogger: Since you're here, you know that since 2006, this has been my main platform. It serves as my auxiliary memory, and I occasionally post library related blather, major life events. There has been a book review every single day for almost eleven years. 

Goodreads: Ms. Yingling, since 2009. Even after accidentally deleting almost 10,000 reviews, I keep coming back to this platform. It's great since it is ONLY books. I post books as I read them, even if publication is months out, so you can see upcoming titles. If you follow me there, you can figure out my system of ratings. I'm not going to explain it and hurt authors' feelings. 

Twitter: @MsYingling, since 2012. I try very hard to stick to links to the blog reviews, links to other bloggers who review #MGLit books, retweets of book information, and what books I am currently reading, especially in the summer. It's great for connecting with authors and librarians, and in 2017 I put together a sports panel for Kidlitcon in 24 hours just by tweeting. When I whined that I wouldn't be able to tell my supervisor I had a nice round number of Twitter followers for my evaluation today, David Carroll, the author of the Cybils' winning Ultra, replied with the sweetest offer. This is what is fabulous about Twitter. 

Instagram: @MsYinglingReads, since 2012. I try to put book and library pictures there, but it often devolves into pictures of Pongo (albeit with books), and food and craft items I've made. This is my least serious account; I've been following mainly vintage glassware and architecture posters as well as the fabulous Marcia Lois Riddington. Will try to post more book things and stop following random, nonbook sites!

Young Adult Books Central: Ms. Yingling, since 2012. I review in exchange for free books, so post 10-25 titles per month. There are lots of great reviews by other people, plus cool interviews and giveaways: you should check it out. 

Facebook: Karen Yingling? since 2005. I use this for getting Young Adult Book Central book haul videos, and keeping in touch with people from "the olden days". It's how I find out that friends and relatives have died. I try to post fewer than ten times a year. If I wouldn't write you a letter, I won't accept your friend request.

Hive Social: MsYingling, since yesterday. It seemed like the site to which everyone was migrating, so I created an account. It's only accessible by phone, and drained my battery quickly. It is apparently run by two college students, so we'll see how that goes. 

Pinterest: I think I have three different Pinterest accounts that I started when my daughter was in high school, but I always found it annoying, so I never post there. 

I try VERY hard not to post anything political, negative, or personal. My mother and father were very clear: no one wants to hear what you have to say. I do think that some people are interested in my book reviews, but no one needs to hear if I'm sad, or not feeling well, or angry about some world event. 

Now that I've delineated all of this, I'm going to try to focus in 2023 on more relevant BOOK content across platforms! 

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  1. Thanks for this. Will have to check out Insta gram (for Pongo pics!!) :)