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Chmakova, Svetlana. Enemies (Berrybrook Middle School #5)
September 27th 2022 by Yen Press/JY
E ARC provided by Edelweiss Plus
Felicity loves to play games and draw pictures, but when it comes to concentrating on school work and finishing things, she really struggles. Her younger sister Letty taunts her about this, and Felicity feels that her parents take her side. After a heated argument, Felicity decides to try the Entrepreneurs Club at school because the winning project for a competition has a large monetary prize, and she feels that if she can win this, she will prove to her family that she is worthy. Of course, she has no ideas, and doesn't even want to work with others, which is a requirement. She ropes in her friend Tess, but shoots down every idea that she has. Felicity used to be friends with Joseph, who is also in the club, but then things got weird and the two don't speak. 
Strengths: Students adore these. They have fun illustrations, discuss a wide range of students, and have so much drama of all manner and description. 
Weaknesses: I do not adore these. The characters seem to be always angsty over things that would be better if they conducted their lives in a different way. They know this, but would rather cling to the angst than change. Very typical of middle school students, which may explain why students love them, but it's too much middle school for me. 
What I really think: These are the most lost books in my collection, so I don't even know how many times I have repurchased volumes. This is definitely another reason I'm oddly irritated by these. I'll still purchase this one.

Ervick, Kelcey Parker. Keeper: Growing Up in Girls' Sports 
September 20th 2022 by Avery Publishing Group
EARC provided by Edelweiss Plus

This was a very interesting graphic novel that was formatted more like a picture book, covering the author's experiences of playing soccer in the 1980s and also delving into women's sports history in general. A little more on the YA side, so I would definitely buy it for a high school library, especially in Ohio, since the author grew up in Cincinnati. It was interesting that she is six years younger than I am, yet seemed to experience more sexism than I felt growing up. Girls in my graduating class didn't blink about becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. I was going to be a college Latin professor, but we know how well that turned out. 

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