Tuesday, March 01, 2022

February Statistics and March Releases

I've been better about keeping statistics; I have a spreadsheet and can make graphs, I just... don't. Still, baby steps. In February, I read 69 books, only 20% of which I plan to buy. Four biographies, 15 fantasies, (this is where I officially lost interest) 3 graphic novels, 4 historical fiction, 5 mystery, 11 nonfiction, 20 realistic fiction, 4 vintage (comfort reading), one short story collection, and one book in verse. You add it up. 

Here's a chart of the break down of Diversity. I read just about everything, so this is probably a good representation of what was published in middle grade, although of course not perfect. 

I imagine that I will become much more interested in working with statistics in June when I have to paint my kitchen. I haven't had a ceiling since October, but should be getting one in April.

And yes. Primarily middle grade. That 2.9% adult represents two books!

Ms. Yingling

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