Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sunny Rolls the Dice

Holm, Jennifer L. and Matthew. Sunny Rolls the Dice (#3)
October 1st 2019 by Graphix
Copy provided by the publisher

Sunny is still struggling with middle school in the 1970s. She reads all of the teen magazines with her best friend Deb and attempts to be "groovy", but feels she falls short in all areas, and doesn't understand why Deb is so interested in boys. When she meets a group of boys from the neighborhood who invite the two to play Dungeons and Dragons, Sunny really gets into the game, even though it is confusing at first. However, the more interested in the game Sunny gets, the less interested Deb gets, and soon the girls drop out. They are involved in carnation delivery to classrooms, "liking" different boys, and preparing for school dances. Deb really wants to save up for a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and get her ears pierced, but Sunny realizes that she would rather spend her money on a D&D character figurine. Eventually, Sunny returns to the game, but is able to stay friends with Deb as well.
Strengths: The Sunny graphic novels are my absolute favorite; they have the perfect mix of pictures and decently large text, they cover serious issues with a light touch, and have great characters. I have a group of students who are absolutely sure I can teach them to play D&D (Picky Reader did pick up this skill in college), but my essential fandom in middle school was Little House on the Prairie. This will be a popular choice with everyone!
Weaknesses: I could have used more of the grandfather in this story-- he's my favorite!
What I really think: I am pretty sure that Ms. Holm would have been my friend in middle school; I, too, read the magazines but was never successful at replicating the outfits. I love that the 1970s details are all over this story, but it is still an absolutely timeless tale of fitting in and standing out in middle school. Five disco balls!

Plus a set of hot rollers. I had a set just like these in about 1978 (I think my mom bought them to use instead of her metal rollers but never got the hang of them, so I ended up with them) and got rid of them about, um, 2010. Never used them successfully either, but to this day can smell the setting lotion in my mind's nose!

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  1. I'm pretty sure you and Jenni Holm would have been friends in middle school, too. I think you'd like her now, too :-). I have this one pre-ordered, and am glad that you liked it.