Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Lost Girl

Ursu, Anne. The Lost Girl
February 12th 2019 by Walden Pond Press
E ARC from Edelweiss Plus

Lark and Iris are twins who have always been assigned to the same class. Going into fifth grade, their parents think that the girls are too dependent on each other, and have them put into different classes. To make matters worse, Iris gets the sweet Ms. Shonubi, and Lark gets the new Mr. Hunt.  Not only that, but the mean Tommy is also in Lark's class. Lark has trouble fitting in and getting work done, and at the same time, small and large things are going missing from the girls' Minneapolis neighborhood. A bracelet, a small doll, but also the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture from the Walker Museum. This might have something to do with the new antique store, We Are Here, run by the odd and creepy Mr. Green. The girls also have to participate in different after school programs, including a girl power group at the local library. Lark starts to go downhill, but no one will listen to Iris. Can she manage to save her sister?
Strengths: I always enjoy books that introduce a place as practically another character; it's fun to look up actual locations on Google maps! Lark and Iris' relationship is an interesting one, and it's a good thing that their parents are trying to get them to be less dependent before middle school. The girl power program is a nice touch, as is the 1947 science fact book that Iris realizes is not still correct.
Weaknesses: Mr. Green is super creepy, and the book is filled with a lot of twin and school related angst.
What I really think: My readers who enjoy magical realism usually like things where the magic is happier. This had the vibe of Snyder's Bigger than a Breadbox, which I can't get to circulate. The girls' method of dressing is firmly elementary school, and I fear my students will think this book too young for them. Will probably not purchase, even though this style of cover circulates well.

Ms. Yingling

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  1. Mr. Green gave me the willies, but I did like the book. Thanks for your review.