Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Expiration Day

17910147Powell, William Campbell. Expiration Day
April 22nd 2014 by Tor Teen

Tania has always known how lucky she is. She is a human child in a world where this is a rarity. The population of Earth has plummeted after 2010, and almost everyone is infertile. In steps Oxted Corporation, who will supply parents with a lease on a "teknoid", but only for 18 years. Tania's father, a vicar, has seen many families fall apart after they need to return their child, so Tania is dismayed when an accident causes her to find out that she, too, is a cyborg. She tries to keep this hidden at first from John, whom she has met in London, and with whom she has put together a rock band. Along with her friend Sian, she tries to pack as much life into her short span as she can, but when the end draws near and family circumstances change, Tania's father tries one last desperate act-- suing Oxted Corporation for breach of contract in hopes that Tania can continue to live. What does the future hold for someone whose life has a very definite expiration day.
Strengths: This had some good twists in it, and the premise was logical and unique.
Weaknesses:  The diary format seemed a bit forced, even though it made sense. While this won't see huge circulation, I think a small group of deep thinking readers with an interest in science fiction will like this one.

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