Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Well, no Revolutionary War books today, but at least I have one about the Civil War. And it's a mystery for Thursday, too-- best I can do!

Rebel SpiritsRuby, Lois. Rebel Spirits. 
1 June 2013, Point
E  ARC from

Lorelei is NOT happy when her parents decide to move from Philadelphia to Gettysburg right before her senior year in high school. She will miss living in a swanky hotel in the city, as well as her best friend. The bed and breakfast her parents have bought to run needs a lot of work, and Lori is alarmed when she is Skyping her brother in Ghana and they both see a man in the room with her. Yes, the B&B is haunted, and by a handsome soldier who died in the battle, Nathaniel Pierce. He thinks that he was murdered, and hopes that Lori can help him solve the mystery so he can rest in peace. Things aren’t all bad in Gettysburg; not only is there a hot ghost, but a hot lawn boy as well, Evan. He and one of the girls working at the hotel, Charlotte, help Lori uncover some history that will help her. The other workers, the Drydens, are very suspicious, and Lori uncovers some secrets about them as well. The historical mystery has a lot of good details involving a doctor and a ring belonging to Lincoln’s son.
Strengths: Really good romance with a touch of supernatural and history. Definitely will recommend this to one of our 8th grade history teachers! I thought that Ruby did an especially good job with dialogue—all the characters had their own little speech quirks that were not annoying but really highlighted their differences.
Weaknesses: Lori gets a ghost and a real boy to fall hard for her after being in town for just a week? Sigh. Okay. Could happen. Just not to me!

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