Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter Sweets and TreatsOwen, Ruth. Easter Sweets and Treats.
15 August 2012, Windmill Books

This has very cute ideas, but only six recipes. (Easter brunch eggs, deviled eggs, cupcake nests, chocolate eggs, bunny cookies and carrot cake.) A very attractive book with clear and easy to follow instructions. This series also has Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Since these are so short and run almost $20 each, I may go with just the Valentine's and Halloween ones, since those are the holidays during which my students seem to be at their most crafty.

Easter OrigamiOwens, Ruth. Easter Origami.
15 August 2012, Power Kids Press

I haven't actually seen this one, but I have the Valentine's Day Origami, and it has circulated fairly well year round. Not a lot of different designs, but a few good ones, including a very useful heart folded out of money. A much more environmentally friendly gift than a plastic card!

Here's hoping that everyone gets lots of Cadbury Creme Eggs, or whatever your favorite treat is, for Easter!

And I'm having an ethical quandry-- just how evil is Amazon? How upset should I be that they bought Goodreads? Are they evil on a level of clubbing baby seals? Evil on the level of nondolphin safe tuna? Nestle pushing formula in developing countries that don't have clean water? Or evil on the level of Domino's pizza because I just don't agree with their politics. I'm all about boycotting products when I don't agree with the company's philosophy or actions, but I'm torn. My options for buying books where I am are a huge Barnes and Noble or... well, I think there are some independent bookstores in Columbus, but none anywhere near where I am. Is that better or worse than Amazon? And while I benefit greatly from Goodreads (love the widgit showing my progress), I'm not giving them any money, so do I have to delete my account now? Oh, well. Always something in the book world that causes angst somewhere. Will deliberate.


  1. We buy all our movies and cds for the library from Amazon and all our books from Baker and Taylor. I'm not wildly in favor of huge monopolies, but I don't feel that I can justify using up more of the library's budget to buy indie, especially since there is no bookstore anywhere in our area.

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