Saturday, June 02, 2012

No interest in Pinterest

I have secured my invitation, and after removing as much identifying information about myself from Facebook and locking down everything else (Seen only BY ME!), signed in with Facebook.

And I just don't care.

Sure, there are pretty pictures, and there are some lovely book people using it, but it's just one more thing that requires a computer to use. I don't like being on the computer. It's work.

Any truly compelling reason for me to care about Pinterest?


  1. I didn't link my pintrest to facebook - I hate things linking to fb! I use it to keep up with relatives, old friends I haven't seen in 10+ years and to post complaints about how overworked I am (-:)

    I use Pintrest to keep track of storytime crafts, program ideas, and a few recipes. It's one of those things that everyone is into at the moment, but if you don't need it, why use it? I have a twitter acct just in case, but I've never tweeted. I'm enough of a twit as it is.

  2. If you find one, let me know!

  3. Do you have to sign in with Facebook? I sign in with Twitter cause it's easier than remembering yet another login. But I didn't think you HAD to.

    Of course I like the computer stuff. Actually have to monitor myself and make sure I don't overdo it. Some times I'm better than others.

    Not sure for the middle school crowd. It's been a life saver on planning for me since there are so many elementary school bloggers out there that share ideas I can take and tweak for the kids at my school--and that takes less time than reinventing the wheel myself. But there are more elementary than middle school ideas, at least that I have found so far.

    And it is easy to get distracted by other things. Like all the dessert recipes. Which I've only made ... two of. And the "healthy" recipes which I've never made any of. And the exercise routines that I try once or twice an then never again. And the organizational tips. Well, some of those have actually been helpful but that is just cause my HEAD wants to be organized very badly but the rest of me doesn't follow suit and chaos reigns. So I'm always up for tips. Eventually they will add up to the organized person my head wants me to be. ;]

  4. Lol. Perhaps you you will find a good use for Pinterest in the future.

  5. I couldn't find a way to log in without Facebook, and I spent a LOT of time reading all of the fine print. I do think that it's one of those things that is hot right now. I will just go on blithely without it, methinks! I just always want to play nicely in the blogging sandbox!

  6. I've been able to log in without using my twitter account (believe it or not, I *still* don't have a facebook account!). It's another password to remember, but I didn't want a tweet sent out every time I pinned something.

    I've used my pinterest account simply to create kid-friendly book lists (and to sort of biblio-evangelize to the "soccer mom" crowd). I've organized my lists a bit differently than those on my blog and sometimes lump all age brackets together--kids will read all over the place and it doesn't matter too much to me if they read "up" or "down." Here's my page if you're interested in seeing a "bookish" one:

    I'm not convinced I'll keep it up, but for what it's worth, it's a start.