Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guy Friday-- Skateboarding Guys

That's it. I'm just going to order EVERY Orca Sports book on skateboarding that I can find, especially if they are by the following author:
Ross, Jeff. Powerslide.
Casey (aka "Head Case") is approached by actor Jack Coagen's agent to train Jack to skateboard for his next film, and then act as his stunt double. This is great news for Casey, because he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life after high school graduation. Unfortunately, rival skateboarder Goat declares that he is a much better candidate for this job, and challenges Casey to several ill-concieved challenges that end up in minor injuries for both. Goaded on by Jack, who is trying to understand skateboarding culture as well as the techniques of the sport, the pair try a very dangerous race down a mountain road that ends in even more severe injuries. Can Casey find a way to incorporate skateboarding into his future plans while ensuring that he still HAS a future.
Strengths: I didn't understand half of the skateboarding descriptions, which means that my boys who skate WILL. Nice, tight story line, action, adventure-- pure awesomeness. I know just the student to hand this two today.
Weaknesses: Was there a moral to the near death experience? I forget. Yeah, just enough to make the adults happy. Perfect.

Take a look at these other titles for good skateboarding/extreme sports books:


  1. My kids love skateboarding stuff in elementary too. Bikes, skateboards, motorcycles, monster trucks, you name it!

    I showed some of them this video and they wanted to see it over and over and over...

  2. I love the covers on these! (I also appreciate your Guys Friday feature; I've sold more than one book based on what you wrote about it!)

  3. shared these with my middle level EAs. Thanks!

    Had you read many of the award winners? As usual, I had not. Crazy stuff.

    Am reading John Green's new one now - it's amazing, although I think it might be too heady for most MS students. I'm even having to re-read passages. But I do LOVE it.