Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bloggy Stuff

I'm so bad at memes. For one thing, even though Richard Dawkins took the term from the Greek, I'm still not entirely convinced of the word's definition or proper use, and this bothers me!

Do like to post on Nonfiction Monday and Middle Grade Monday, as well as Timeslip Tuesday when I can, but then my week falls apart. My own "Not What I Wanted Wednesday" will never quite take off as much as something like "Teaser Tuesday"! Guy Friday works most of the time.

You'd think I could handle yearly posts and celebrations. Book Blogger Appreciation Week sounds like a great idea, but again, I'm a bit overwhelmed. There are so many book bloggers, and so few devoted to middle grade. Some of my very favorite blogs are Charlotte's Library (where there is a nice post on the Kidlitosphere), From the Mixed-Up Files (where they do a nice monthly round up), Guys Lit Wire (great books for middle grade and up), and Jen Robinson's Book Page (for good overview of everything). I appreciate them every day!

One thing that does help me keep up with various blogs is following. Through my Google account, I can see the post titles of a lot of different blogs, and can click through if there is an interesting review. I haven't actually participated in the "Follow My Book Blog Friday", because I only want to follow blogs that pertain to middle grade books, and I haven't found many of them lately. I must also admit that I am not really interested in much besides reviews. I'd probably skip reading this post! Even if you don't blog, following is an easy way to look through what's out there without having to remember which blogs you should consult. That said, if others want to follow my blog, it's always good for my self esteem.

Finally, remember, the Gabrielle Zevin giveaway entries must be received by the end of the day on Saturday, 17 September so I can have the copy sent to the winner. There are not many entries, so you might as well e mail me and give it a try!

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  1. I'm not good at memes either! I've settled into a really strict schedule - nonfiction monday, reviews on wednesday and friday, and overview of the week at the library on saturday - and since I write all my reviews months in advance (I'm currently scheduled through November) I don't do much spontaneous stuff. I'm strictly a review/library programming blog.

    That being said, I like the little non-reviewy bits on your blog b/c then I can imagine we're friends in real life (-:) Plus I love your reviews of course!