Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Afterlife by Claudia Gray

Gray, Claudia. Afterlife. (Book 4, Evernight Series)

Bianca and Lucas have been through a lot to be together, but now death threatens to separate them. Lucas has been turned into a vampire, but Bianca has become a wraith, and the two types don't mix. Lucas, whose Black Cross vampire hunting upbringing makes him struggle between his new blood hunger and his own self-hatred, returns to Evernight Academy to see the help of Ms. Bethany, who turns out to know more about his predicament than he expects. Bianca fears that her parents, who were traumatized by wraiths, will hate her, but she finds out a secret about her creation that makes it easier for her parents to deal with her fate. Lucas and Bianca struggle with their new forms and their impact on their relationship until the uncover an evil plot by Ms. Bethany that requires them to act together, with help from friends from human to Black Cross to vampires. Evernight Academy, as well as the two, will be changed forever.

Strengths: Lots of action and adventure at the end, and a good plot twist. The vampire lore is fresh, and the inclusion of wraiths is interesting. This is a good conclusion to the series, although it will continue in another direction with the publication of a prequel, Balthazar, mentioned in the back of Afterlife.
Weaknesses: A little too much yearning for what was at the beginning of the book, and a tiny bit too much sex for my liking. The second half of the book is stronger, with the dark humor I enjoyed in the other books.

On a personal note, I have to say that Picky Reader, my youngest child, turns 13 today! While it's been nice having my own personal guinea pigs for books in the house, I am not too worried about losing touch with middle grade readers. Just about losing touch with reality while I survive having three teenagers!

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  1. Haha. Adam and I hang out with Claudia Gray when we can, and I couldn't help but "hear" the interview (in my head) in her voice. :)

    Good times!