Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trauma Queen by Barbara Dee

Dee, Barbara. Trauma Queen. Published 4/19/2011
Review copy provided by author.

You think your life is difficult? Try having a mother who is a performance artist whose pieces have included wrapping herself in saran wrap as a statement against plastic surgery, and who slammed your best friend's mother in a piece called "Nu-trisha, Mother of Doom"! Add to that the general chaos of having a mother who also works as a dog walker and moves frequently and a father who is getting remarried. Poor Marigold. To top it off, the mean girls in her new school have made her a target, and the boy she likes...well, it's complicated, much like middle school really is! In Marigold's fresh voice (that doesn't whine too much) we get to experience all of her trials and tribulations that occur after her mother volunteers to teach an after school drama club. Also by this author is This is Me From Now On.

Strengths: Showcases the meanness that girls like to read in The Clique without being over-the-top and really, really mean. While the mother is central to the problems, she doesn't overwhelm the story... and she's not a hippie! Satisfying but realistic conclusion. Picky Reader wants to read this one after she finishes her Accelerated Reader goal.

Weaknesses: I had a hard time envisioning the Thing that Marigold was sewing. That may be because I am a quilter, though.

This is available from Follett in a prebind for $11.46. Now that the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies aren't publishing any more, I am turning to the Mix imprint, also from Simon and Schuster, to get affordable reads for my girls who go through a book a day!

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