Friday, March 04, 2011

Guy Friday-- Sherlock Holmes

Has there been another adult literary character who has gotten so much treatment in BFYR? I've noticed more and more Holmes retellings lately, and both of my volumes of Conan Doyle's works have been constantly checked out, so the topic must be speaking to students!

Lethcoe, Jason. No Place Like Holmes.
E-ARC provided by Net Galley. Release date May 11, 2011

Griffin is sent unannounced from Boston to London to stay with his Uncle Rupert in the early 1900s. His uncle is a struggling detective with a grudge against his neighbor-- none other than Sherlock Holmes! Rupert doesn't want anything to do with Griffin, but when Griffin is out and about and helps out Mrs. Dent, whose clock maker husband has been eaten by a sea monster, Rupert realizes there is a possibility of some detective work and softens a bit. Mr. Dent's disappearance, they soon find, is the work of Moriarty and company, Holmes' nemeses, who have an evil plan to kill Holmes and the queen! Can Griffin and his uncle solve the mystery of Mr. Dent's disappearance and foil Moriarty? And will the two ever get along?

Strengths: Good, fast-paced mystery, with lots of period details and a nice twist on the Holmes' story. Gadgets for those interested in Steam Punk.

Weaknesses: The relationship between Griffin and his uncle seems a bit forced, especially the back story about the uncle's dog. Also, even though Griffin is the son of a Methodist minister, the inclusion of his religions beliefs seemed agenda driven rather than part of the natural character development.

Lane, Andrew. Death Cloud.
Really, really, really looking forward to reading this but didn't get to it last night. Went to the trouble to contact the UK publisher to get an ARC, then my former principal sent me a copy. Have to admit that the UK cover on the right is a little more Guy friendly.

Peacock, Shane. Boy Sherlock Series.
Eye of the Crow, Death in the Air, Vanishing Girl and The Secret Fiend.

I thought there were some older titles, but can't seem to find them. Wasn't there a Baker Street Irregulars series? It seems to me that at one point I had book3 and 6 or something, so they are long gone.

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  1. There was a Baker Street Irregulars series by Robert Newman - rather weirdly creepy covers. I loved those books and haven't brought myself to weed them from the library, even though they don't circ at all...I think Terrance Dicks did an Irregulars series too.