Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mail with a side helping of guilt.

Part of me was thrilled when I got a huge box from Simon and Schuster last night, until I realized that out of the dozen books, I had read 10 and had two sitting on my pile. I filled out all of my forms telling the Cybils what books I had, but I feel guilty. To assuage that, I will post the links to the books in the pile that I have already reviewed.

This is why normally, I just read books from the public library.

Appelt, Kathi. Keeper.
Bracegirdle, P.J. Unearthly Asylum (The Joy of Spooking)
DiTerlizzi, Tony. The Search for WondLa
Dowell, Frances Roark. Falling In.
Haberdasher, Violet. Knightley Academy.
Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Sabotaged.
Landon, Kristen. The Limit.
Myklusch, Matt. Jack Blank and the Imagination Nation
Trivas, Tracy. The Wish Stealers.

Need to read:
Catanese, P.W. Dragon Games / (Books of Umber #2)
MacHale, D.J. The Light (Morpheus Road)
Scieszka, Jon. Spaceheadz (Which I thought I reviewed but hadn't.)

Also received Pendred Noyce's Lost in Lexicon and K.C. Dyer's Facing Fire.

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