Friday, October 08, 2010

Guy Friday-- Football

I have not seen an entire football game since 1979, when I attended a Super Bowl party in high school. My brothers was a huge Steelers fan. It's hard for me to get into the whole insane OSU Buckeyes thing, too, but boys seem to love their football.

Norwood House Press has a whole series of college team books-- I ordered two of the Buckeyes and one of the Wolverines for the rebels or the foreign born.

James Buckley's Ultimate Guide to Football: Facts, Stats and Stars is available from Scholastic for a reasonable price. Capstone has a variey of hi-lo books on sports; Terri Dougherty's The Greatest Football Records is one that the boys pick up frequently.

Maybe it's just me, but the quality of the book doesn't seem to make much difference. If it has a good enough picture on the cover, it gets checked out.

Cross Country, now, I get. I was at a meet last night, which is why nothing got read!


  1. You're so right; my guys even check out the football books they spot on the PreSchool library shelves! (My school has the PreSchool and Middle School library in the same location, and the K-3 series by Creative Education on football teams constantly attracts my Middle Schoolers.) They also love whatever fiction I can find featuring football, especially Tim Green's Football Hero series.

  2. Do you ever order books on pro teams? We do but I find that they get obsolete quickly because of all the changes, trades, and free agents going on in pro sports. BTW, I'm a football fan because of the Panthers team in Charlotte. But you know the funny thing? My wife taught me to love sports! I'm now a Florida State football and Carolina basketball fan because of her. Ain't that a switch!