Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Liberty Porter, First Daughter

Devillers, Julia. Liberty Porter, First Daughter.
Technically, this is too young for my students. The main character is nine, and she acts like a nine-year-old, but it is such a timely book that will eventually become hysterically funny in fifteen years. Wouldn't you love to have a dusty copy of a book about a girl bearing a strong resemblance to Amy Carter? Devillers is a facile writer with a good eye for girls' lit, and this simple story of the trouble Liberty gets into during her first day at the White House is very fun. There is a sequel, New Girl In Town, in which Liberty starts her new school. Details of the life of a president and places in the white house, as well as strong family bonds and an irrepressible main character make this a fun book. Has anyone sent Malia and Sasha Obama a copy?

Shea, Bob. Race to Bed.
I don't do picture books. Never been a big fan, but I was at a Book Look last night, and this book stayed on the table for a really long time. Every time I passed it, I wanted it, but it seemed unfair to the elementary librarians who were there, since it was hardcover. The only thing that would have kept people from snagging it was the bedtime theme-- a little young for most elementary schools. I finally picked it up, and it is adorable. Like all picture books, it's rather silly and not much happens, but the pictures remind me a lot of The Color Kittens. The funniest thing was that I took it home and both my 16-year-old and 12-year-old squealed "It's SOOOO cute!" when they saw it. The bunny is so fluffy. If I were in the market for picture books, I would certainly keep up on Shea's work.

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  1. Thanks for the recommend on "Race You to Bed." My 2 year old son absolutely loved it, and thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever read to him.

    I was actually sad to give it back to the library, and might put it on his birthday wish list.