Friday, March 26, 2010

Conspiracy 365

Lord, Gabrielle. Conspiracy 365: January. (Usbourne Books)
Cal is having a difficult start to the new year. His father has recently passed away, and after being accosted by a crazy guy on the street who says he should hide for entire year, he and his uncle get caught in a horrible storm while out sailing on New Year's Eve. (The book is set in Australia.) Cal survives but is badly injured. Then his house is ransacked! His uncle steals a letter from him that his father left before his death! He's kidnapped! His family is attacked and he's blamed! He's on the run! And most of all, there is a mystery involving his family that needs to be solved, but which will apparently take 12 books to unravel.

I'm debating this series. It will probably be popular, and I do like the fact that it will be easy to tell which book is next. However, I'm not sure I love it $132 worth. Combine that with the fact that it isn't available (that I can tell) from any of my three vendors (Follett, Baker and Taylor or Perma-Bound), and I may pass.

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  1. I got a copy of this in my mailbox, too! I thought it was a fun one, and Cabot fans, especially those who like the Airhead books, will enjoy it.

    BTW, something is up with your blog today. The formatting's all goofy and no pics are showing up :(