Friday, May 15, 2009

Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor

I love Melissa Kantor's books because she writes my favorite sort of stuff-- pink books. Girlfriend Material was so good that I don't feel a need to reward myself (for moving 4,000 books in the library yesterday!) with a Beany Malone book this weekend.

*Sigh* Kate is forced to spend the summer on Cape Cod because her parents are having marital problems and her mother wants to spend time with friends. At first, Kate is angry because she had a lot of plans that were ruined-- playing tennis, hanging out with her BFF, writing. But things start out well. Although the daughter of the family with whom they are staying is cold to her, she soon meets a group of kids and gets involved in activities. Most importantly, she meets Adam.

This book has the BEST first kiss scene that I have ever read. I think I actually sighed and very briefly wished that I could be a teenager again, if only for a moment like that. Adam is a great guy, and the relationship... it's what I wanted as a teenager. There are some problems, but they sort themselves out. Kate's philosophical battles with herself over how things progress is fantastic.

Don't miss this one. I gave it immediately to my 9th grade daughter, and I wouldn't be surprised if she asks for a copy of her own for her birthday.

Okay! Off to move another 4,000 books!

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  1. You won't need any other fitness plan with moving all those books, either! Wow - go you!!!!