Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fantasty versus Reality


Original 1969 circulation desk and odd, assorted components. Workable, a bit rickety, definitely wabi sabi at its finest.


Looking into library redesign is a dangerous thing, but so much fun! The desk is the Gaylord Americana series. Isn't it pretty? If I actually got this, would I feel a need to dress up every single day? With pearls and heels?



  1. I saw a copy of an SASS book in your return bin. Can you please come run our school library? (:

  2. Mary Ison9:16 PM EDT

    Or at least an elegant "Hillary" pantsuit! It's amazing how our surroundings affect our dress.

    Anyway, I loved seeing the reality of your library. Wouldn't it be neat if we all shared photos of our "office"?