Monday, December 15, 2008

Must Love Black by Kelly McClymer

Ever since her mother's death, Philippa has clung to black-- it's practical, it doesn't show dirt, and it underlines her general state of mind. When she sees an ad for a nanny who "must love black", she sees this as a way to avoid spending the summer with her father and his new wife. Ten-year-old twins Rienne and Triste are also trying to cope with their mother's death, and the fact that their father is so busy running a spa that he doesn't have time for them and counts on Philippa to keep them out of view of the spa guests and force them to have "fun". In the end, everyone is happier because Philippa allows the twins to have fun in their own way and gets their father to pay more attention to them.

The cover on this (there is also a tag "Get your Goth on") is very misleading. Yes, Philippa wears all black, but she's not really Goth. While this was a fun, amusing read, it really didn't address the Goth issue, and I wish that it had. Other than The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod or Vampire Kisses, I haven't come across anything with Goth main characters. Perhaps I haven't looked. Anyone seen anything?

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