Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MotherReader, ABC TV, and more Stine

So excited! Was random winner in the MotherReader 48 Hour Reading Challenge! Get a book! Next year I will try to be much more organized about my approach. Many thanks, MotherReader!

Got an e mail from Sandra Solberg at Toasted Coconut Media about "Hot Tips from Cool Authors: How to Keep Kids Reading this Summer" --- a WABC-TV segment that aired on Sunday morning. Scott Westerfeld, one of the most consistently high quality, prolific young adult authors I've seen in a while. Of course, You Tube is blocked at my school, and slllooowww at home, but here's the link.

My R.L. Stine for last night was:
Beach Party-- Karen is enjoying fun and romance on the beach until she realizes that someone is out to kill her. More involved than many of the other books-- took longer to read. Okay.

The Boyfriend-- Joanna cruelly dumps Dex, he fakes an accident, has a real one, Joanna has an accident, Dex comes back from the dead. Is he dead? Confusing and a little cheesy, but showcases why reluctant readers like Stine-- he discusses high school issues. The lower readers are tired of Junie B. Jones.

The Betrayal-- Sets up the whole Fear Street Saga. Probably good to have the whole series of this one. Conveniently numbered on spine. (The Betrayal, The Secret, The Burning)

The Best Friend-- Weird new girl moves in next door and starts to take over Becka's life, claiming they were best friends in 3rd grade. Honey sneaks into Becka's house, steals her clothes, starts to dress like her, and then things get scary! I had to laugh because I think every middle school girl has an experience with someone who wants to be a friend but is just too annoying for words.

And again, R.L. Stine is really heavily skewed towards girls, although boys don't seem to mind.

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