Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Moving through the alphabet

Have finished the authors beginning with "L" and am in the middle of "M". Harry Mazer's Snow Bound (1973) was a bit chilly for late February reading, but still a well-layered account of two teens stranded after a car break down in a remote area. I don't know if my wilderness survival fan will like it-- too much character development and not enough, I don't know, eating raw caribou-- but it will be an easy sell. Also, Stephen Manes Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days (1982), although it has possibly the stupidest cover I have ever seen on a book.

Finished up P.B. Kerr's Children of the Lamp: The Blue Djinn of Babylon(2005). I enjoyed The Ahkenaten Adventure (2004) so much, and was so pleased that the series was in alphabetical order, but this book took some dedication. I got a little annoyed at the preciousness of "djunior" and "djinnverso" and the uncle saying "Well, light my lamp", but the story certainly moved along nicely, had good action and pleasant characters, so perhaps it was just my mood. It will certainly circulate, and I think there will be a third book. I hope the title starts with Cairo!

My rewards for reading those were Gaby Triana's Backstage Pass (2004), which I will definitely buy, and Philana Marie Boles' Little Divas (2006), which was sent to the school. Free! Glad to say it was worth having. As many pink, fluffy books as I have, they are always out, so I do need to get more. Backstage Pass was a fun story about a girl whose father is a rock star. It didn't concentrate on that as much as her reaction to him. I liked the friend that she made, and just many details about the book were well done. Even the 8th grade girls, who are very picky, will like it. Little Divas is for a slightly younger crowd, with a great, bright cover, and a nice story about a girl adjusting to her parents' divorce and having a fun summer hanging out with her cousin. Okay, they spend a lot of time lying to a very strict aunt and uncle about where they are going, but since they are going to the mall with an older sister or to watch the boys play basketball in the park, I was okay with it. I need to process the book; it will probably be checked out well before lunch!

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