Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons-- The Popularity Papers

17290257Ignatow, Amy. Love and Other Fiascos.(The Polularity Papers #6)
8 October 2013, Amulet

Lydia and Julie are back, and this time all of their drama surrounds relationships. Julie likes Roland but isn't sure about "where their relationship is heading"-- Jane gives her all kinds of advice, and her dads freak out at the thought of her dating. Jane is busy hanging out with Chuck after they get back together, and Ms. Goldblatt is getting married to Coach Eric, and the girls are in the wedding. Lydia is okay with that, since her mom is happy, but her sister thinks it's as bad as their father leaving them. Lots of drama, all drawn in full color pictures.
Strengths: These are much more realistic and kinder than the Dork Diaries, so I did break down and buy all of them. They are never on the shelf.
Weaknesses:  Some readers may really struggle with reading the cursive in the book. It's very neatly done, and I'm all for forcing children to know cursive, but many of them don't. I find it hard to read these, since I am a word-based, linear thinker!

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