Monday, March 30, 2020

My Spelling List

We all have words that challenge us. My spelling list would include:

  1. beautiful
  2. diligent
  3. ingenious
  4. recommend
  5. principal (of the school building)
  6. abysmal
  7. accommodate
  8. achieve
  9. bureau
  10. restaurant
  11. chocolate
  12. definitely
  13. sincerely
  14. entrepreneur
  15. hemorrhage
  16. intrigue
  17. liaison
  18. lasagna
  19. martyr
  20. superfluous (one of my favorite words!)
Later this week, bonus points for using them in sentences that form a story. Mine begins: "It was a beautiful day, but I was trying to be diligent about getting work done."

Ms. Yingling

1 comment:

  1. You aren't alone. I have trouble with some of the same words -- entrepreneur
    hemorrhage, accommodate etc. Using them in a sentence is a good start. For me it's memorizing and spell checking.