Friday, March 13, 2020

Music Activities

Here are some fun activities from our band teacher, Ms. Levine.


PRACTICE-We have made great progress, and all of us have a few places to work on in our concert music. 
-6th grade students have their four concert pieces (Zig Zag, Cadets in Step,Falcons in Flight, The Clumsy Clown) and have marked their books for songs for the concert (104,107,115,119,123, 125,162,165,166)

-7th and 8th Grade have their music set as well and are receiving new music to work on at home today and Monday. To listen to this music, go to or look for it on YouTube. 

7th Music-Crunch Time(Swearingen), Havana(Camila Cabello/arr. Vinson), The Haunted Mansion(Neufeld), Resplendence(William Owens), African Marching Song (John O’Reilly), NEW Jam (Sean O’Loughlin), Bazaar (Randall Standridge)

8th Music- Avengers:Endgame ( Alan Silvestri/Michael Brown), The Horseman of Sleepy Hollow(Rob Romeyn), Three Kentucky Sketches (John O’Reilly), I’m Shipping Up to Boston (arr. Sean O’Loughlin), Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite (Karl King, arr. Jerry Brubaker)

Here are a few activities in addition to practicing that students can do:

Look up the composers of their music to find out who they are!

Look up classical composers and find out about the times they lived and how their lives are different and the same as yours.

Find a popular song online to practice-play it and record it and listen to see how you can improve it

Try to write a melody of your own, write it down using note names, or using a composing webpage to try to write it out for others to play. Record it, listen and try to improve it.

Other things:

This is a time to help your neighbor. If you have people in your family or close neighbors, help them clean up their yards for spring, perhaps you can babysit for a family that needs to go to work. I have a couple of websites with music activities for you to explore and report back to me what you think of them.

If you find something that is helpful to you or you think would be helpful for me, send me an email about it while we are gone.

This is an unusual time, but I hope all stay well and will make progress outside of class.

See you soon-

Ms. Levine

Ms. Yingling

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