Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cybils Judges Announced!

I'm so pleased to be working with the following bloggers on this year's Cybils Middle Grade Fiction Award! Last year, I was not directly involved with picking a winner, since I read for YA Nonfiction, so I'm thrilled to be back with my first love. 
Start thinking about your nominations! Those open on 1 October 2016!
Round 1
Karen Yingling
Ms. Yingling Reads
Sarah Sammis
Puss Reboots
Jenna Grose
Falling Letters
Ryan Hanna 
Reading Rocks!
Mindy Righer
Proper Noun Blog
Round 2
Alex Baugh
Randomly Reading
Greg Pattridge
Always in the Middle
Valerie Bogert
Skipping Through the Stacks
Katie McEnaney
The Logonauts
Yamile Mendez
Project Middle Grade Mayhem


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats on being selected!! Good to have found your blog once again. :)

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