Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beginning of the Year

The way my year has gone:
Wore jeans and planned to scrub down the counters in the back room. Custodians inform me upon arrival that they will be turning water off. On bright side, had already filled kettle. And washed hair. Don't think too hard about that last part. My eventual plan is to just live at school.
The way my year has gone:
Last two work orders I put in on computers:

Monitor have lovely vertical pink lines on it. Maybe on trend fashion wise, but a bit distracting. 

The monitor on this computer has the same odd pink lines as the monitor in the lab. I worry that the computers are sneaking out at night and obtaining psychotropic drugs and that's why they have a psychedelic screen. Monitors these days. 

I make sure the IT people have chocolate. We have an understanding.

The way my year has gone:

Haven't I cleaned out? Or maybe the question is: HAVE I EVER cleaned out? Sigh. Audio tapes from a 2002 grant. At least I have already cleaned out the tape recorders.

Next week: VCR tapes. And probably some of my hoard of VCRs. Never bought DVDs. Kind of proud of that.

The way my year has gone: 

How is YOUR year going?


Iron Guy Carl said...

Don't librarians live in the school anyway? Like teachers? Don't they just fold them up and put them in the closets at night? That's what we always thought as kids.

Jen Robinson said...

Look at it this way: KidLitCon is coming soon :-)

Lynne M said...

No one understands,but they keep asking why we are at school so long?

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