Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cybils! Cybils!

The Cybils are Coming!Choosing judges is so hard, because there are always about 45 people I would like to include. I don't want to get rid of anyone who has served before, but like to include new people. Like to balanace librarians, parents, writers, etc.

If you weren't chosen, please stick around, continue to blog about books, and apply next year! Also remember to nominate your favorite books in the different categories, starting in October.

Here are the lovely people who volunteered to work with me in Middle Grade Fiction this year! We are all ready to READ!

First Round

Mark Buxton

Earl Dizon

Rosemary Kiladitis

Kyle Kimmal

Deb Marshall

Brenda Tjaden

Karen Yingling

Second Round

Alex Baugh

Terry Doherty

Jennifer Donovan

Heidi Grange


  1. Awesome! How exciting.

  2. Kudos to everyone who volunteered. This kind of reading is fun, but it's also hard work.

  3. Yes, awesome panelists! I didn't apply this year (after three years of LOVING being a part of panels) for the simple reason that I am juggling three kids in three different schools! But I am excited to follow along from the sidelines! #1CybilsCheerleader. Have fun, everyone!

  4. i look forward to the results.

  5. Yay! It looks like a good panel!