Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Ennui

It happens every summer. Nothing sounds good to read. I did finish another Clique book, Sealed with a Diss, but it was really, really awful. Unrealistic, whiny, and the designer clothes name dropping means it is already dated. Not that I got the references.

Started to read Inkdeath, but don't have the heart. Picky Reader has started in on the Chronicles of Narnia and is liking them, and since it's been 30 years since I've looked at them in earnest, perhaps that is what I will do next.


wlomano said...

I listened to the audiobooks of Inkheart and Inkspell, both narrated by Brendan Fraser (be still my beating heart); but I couldn't get into either the book or the audiobook of Inkdeath. Audiobook is read by someone else, not Fraser.

Bookworm said...

Haha I'm on the 10th Clique book now. They're sometimes stupid and annoying and immature...but I absolutely love them! They're just so darned addictive!

Angie said...

I had that same feeling for a week in late June. Every day I woke up and thought "I have nothing to read" even though I have 200 books in my to-read stacks. And every book I read bored me, even the ones that I probably would have normally liked. But I'm happy to say that the feeling passed and I'm now back to being excited about reading again. I hope the same happens for you soon.

sarah said...

I have that feeling every few months. Watch lots of tv, fry your brain on video games, take tylenol with your coffee, and you'll be better in about 4.7 days. I usually come back with something out of left field, like adult sci-fi or tween christian fiction.

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